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Pertaining to the south western states that originally were part of mexico. california, texas, nevada, etc. Aztlan is an unofficial map of what some believe was once occupied by the aztecs at one point. aztecs were known to be nomads at one time in search of the promised land were they would build their empire.the sign they were looking for was an eagle perched on a cactus killing a snake.After about 200 years of search they found their sign in what is now known as mexico city.the only problem was that the land was surraunded by water and swamp land. But it was the sign so they built anyways.So the reason we mexicans identify with the aztecs even though there were other empires and tribes is because mexico is an aztec word our flag wears an important aztec symbol in it.
Although the south west was taken by whities we mexicans have always been here it does not matter what south western native tribe you are from at one point we were all considered mexican. Mexicans were always here from SAN DIEGO to SACRAMENTO from TEXAS (by the way tejas has an x because of the naguatel the aztec dialec)to Utah.We were here before most of the whities who came here for the gold rush years and wwII.from the midwest bringing with them their hatred towards brown skin.
Their decendants are from Europe and they are not of Indian decent. So rightfully we belong here but legally we don't so they call some our people illegals.
chicano soldier from Texas. Say were you from.
chicano soldier from Cali. Answers Califaztlan.
by elosc September 18, 2008
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