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1. (n) the act of kicking someone on the bald scalp of their head, derived from the latin roots CALCITRO-ARE: To kick, to resist, and CALVA-AE: Top on a head

1: (n) One who kicks people on the bald scalp of their head for a living, in other words, someone who's job it is to be a headkicker.

1: (n) A game often played with young people, where the rules are that the first person who bleeds from the head loses. This includes the nose and mouth, but the most points are given when the victim bleeds elsewheres. The eyes and throat are totally off limits, as are anything below the chin. No punching is allowed, or other types of violence other than kicking. The variations to this game are things such as that you must have your hands behind your back at all times, you must yell a certain word every time you land a blow, and other such rules. If any of these rules are broken, each member in turn is allowed a "free kick" of a sort to the player who broke the rule.
SLANG: Head-Kicking, or just HKing
Billy says that when he grows up he will be a calitrocalviacationist, but I think he is full of shit.

We were calcitrocalviacationisming when Donald kicked me in the throat, forcing me to declare a "free kick" and made him bleed out of this ears.
by Cobra-Commander May 14, 2005
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