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A small town in Salford that is actually closer to Warrington so most people in Salford don't know it exists. Most inhabitants do not work in Cadishead; they work elsewhere or not at all.

Outsiders may pass through the town, bit may not stop. Inhabitants may visit neighbouring Irlam, but need their passports to travel further. To confine the population there is a single road in and out; mosslands to the north and a moat to the south.
The main sources of sustenance are "the big tesco" Lidl, or Caddy Fried Chicken.

Locals greet each other (if not in a world of their own) with a traditional "gimme six."
Many children's first words are "fuck," "no" and "gerroff." These become legible at age 21.
Where is Cadishead?
He went to Cadishead and was never seen again
by Dartington June 29, 2015
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