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C0replay is a computer security board that covers a wide range of computer security... It is 'blackhat' oriented, and has until recently been open for new registration. They have an IRC channel on EFnet #c0replay.
I looked for help with a new heap overflow I had found, at c0replay.
by Uniter October 12, 2005
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Bulletin board for FXP kiddie nerds who think they are ΓΌber 1337. It's administrated by major geeks such as Uniter and Steveswaldo.

Used to be a good community, until all the n00bs on it decided to try and take control by creating a "democracy".
OMFG c0relpay teh pwnz Xanter!!!11
c0replay gets fuxxed in the arse by Uniter.
Steveswaldo is requesting gay pr0n on c0replay for his Cheerio ass-fuck buddy.
RepOne is the only respected person on c0replay.
by TheOne March 15, 2005
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