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Verb. When you find yourself mumbling sensessly about random left field subjects for no real reason at all. The moment when you feel multiple random subjects are so pressing that you need to bring them all up at the same time during a group conversation and you cannot stop yourself from doing so. Oftentimes while C-dub acing, you may spill beer on your chest. This is usually a result from a mixture of excitement and social anxiety. Also see: dippin the dub-lace
I can't believe I just C-dubaced so hard in front of that chick right now bro. I really hope she doesn't think I'm a serial killer or something.

I don't want to kill your vibe right now bro, but you're C-dubacing so hard, I forgot what we were even talking about.
"I'm gonna C-dubace my way into her pants."
"How did we meet you ask? He c-dubaced me until I agreed to go out with him."
by halloweeninthesea February 18, 2015
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