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A winking smiley face, usually used in flirting.
Guy - Aye dare! you're cute c:
Girl - Oh haiiii c;

NOTE* - No guy should ever use this... or your a fucking faggot.
by Southern boi February 24, 2014
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A bitch ass smile this fat fuck who doesn’t even play sports uses against females. It’s like the fucking “Extreme Speed” attack in pokemon, with a 100% chance for it to be used on fucking girls. Mans doesn’t even know how cringe that shit is and basically this mans fucking hot chicks and you’re fucking stupid.
Jocey: Hi
Jocey: hiiiiii
Jocey: wow no hi, where did our BFF connection go (ok seriously cut that bullshit fr tho)
Toxic: HI JOCEY c; o3o (fucking smile)
by h is my favourite number April 05, 2018
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