badass dude that doesnt take shit and has sex with any girl he pleases. Usually hung like a mule and does shit you dont even know or understand in a badass way.
Damn that dude is a c gui; he is a badass.
by Everyone you know January 3, 2006
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This guy who rape litter girls in secondary and is on pork-bellied, nasty, obese (he has diabetes) and is so misbehaved. He is in gangs where they abuse little, innocent boys and girls. He is so so abusive and has no respect to anybody.
oh my there is a jayden c guy smoking with druggy girls. YUK
by Baggo beans January 27, 2020
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HAWTY who im insanley in love withhh
Heey its Guy C. Hafford III!!!

OMFG!!!! he is so hot i would fuck him up a wall any day of the week!!!!
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