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Stands for Bring Your Own Beer,
the last B is for BBBQ
what the extra b in BBBQ for?
thats a typo
by Bronoun July 08, 2005
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"Bring Your Own Biology Book"
Dont have enough text books for all your friends when having a good ol' study party with your classmates for Biology? Just invite them with a friendly: BYOBB!
by KCook88 September 15, 2011
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BYOBB = Bring Your Own Brown Bag

Typically a butterface, who as a great body that you would fuck, but a face so hideous you need to put a brown bag over it when your fucking her.
Guy 1: Yo man, Kristina has a bangin body, but her face is whack.

Guy 2: Dude just BYOBB.

Guy 1: Oh shit, bring your own brown bag, yeah that would work so I don't need to see her face while I'm gettin it in.
by goobber245 November 22, 2010
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Bring Your Own Barf Bag
John: I'm having an Expelled party tonight, and you're invited!
Jane: Great! Will snacks be provided?
John: Snacks are provided, but it's BYOBB.
by ThisIsntMyRealNameHo December 22, 2008
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