A girl who becomes consumed by the person she’s dating and never talks to her friends. Is always too busy to do anything with anyone besides the person she is dating.
That girl hasn’t talked to us since their first date. She is such a bye-girl.
by cooolmanok December 19, 2018
when someone gets smart, or say something some one doesn't like, they say bye girl to get smart with them back.
Girl 1: You're boyfriend is like so ugly and mean, you should break up with him.

Girl 2: Bye girl, you know you want him/
by chicachickgirll May 15, 2010
when someone say something that is stupid or is false.. instead of getting mad just say boy/girl bye
Boy: The Lakers gonna win next year
Girl: Boy Bye!!
by Ebony July 24, 2003
girl,whateva. this is said when a girl has confrontation with another female (usually a hater),usually when the hater accuses her of something that isn't true or says something that isn't true.
hater: girl, your man was with me.
girl: girl, bye.
by tawnee mack October 20, 2003
A term used to dismiss a comment or an accusation by another person. Could also be directed to a guy.
My friend and i were walkin down the street and passed a man who was trying to holla at us. My friend turned to me and said, "There you go Amy he looks like your type", I of course turned to her and said, GIRL BYE, he is too ugly"
by kizzkatt September 7, 2008
An everyday expression. Can be used in several differnt ways,catagorys,tones,situations,moods: Can decribe filling of fustration, happiness, guilt, boredom, excitement,speechlessness: When used in diffrent insantances it can take the place of your commen curse words: Shorten an arugmentative situation:
oh my God! Did she really just say that, "Girl, Bye"!

Someone says;
"you could've said excuse me" rudely to you?

You simply say;
"Girl, bye!
by LILTRE. December 4, 2007
When some one is geten on yo last nerves
Can I ply on your phone?ummm girl bye
by Sally grey September 10, 2016