Someone who is not quite a butt hole, and is usually used as a greeting.
"Hey, butt pie"
"Your a butt pie"
"Goodbye, butt pie"
by Geipezy August 17, 2006
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someone who is an asshole..pretty much a loser and a dick..something you would call your sibiling in a argument
me> can you change the channel on the tv????
brother> no
me> why not!?!
brother> cause your a stupid buttpie!!
by Christine G May 04, 2005
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But pie is when people have anal sex and then go down on each other.
#1 Man, I clowned that girl. # 2 How? I have her a Butt pie, but I didn't eat back!
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by Sasha#forgetaboutit February 09, 2019
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