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1. Someone who randomly or vigorously presses or 'bashes' buttons, especially those of video game controllers. See: button-bashing.

2. A video game where the gameplay descends into the mindless random, or repeated, pressing of a button or buttons. See: button-bashing.

3. A fighting (video) game, such as Virtua Fighter, Soulcalibur or Tekken, etc.
"I'm not playing Tekken with you because it's just a mindless button-basher. Plus, you're gay."
by Goatlips July 12, 2008
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Those who are under the illusion that bashing buttons on a cd player whilst playing electronic dance music has a better sound quality, crowd response and appeal than using a proper musical instrument like a turntable.
Theres too many button bashers and not enough real DJs nowadays.
by vinyl junkie May 10, 2012
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a mobile phone or just some thing that you can call someone on, hell it could even be two cans on a piece of string
oi blud slap me the button basher!
by dunkster July 02, 2008
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