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Button Glutton: (n.)pl. -Gluttons, Clever,rhyming slang insult to describe any woman who is a chronic,compulsive mastubatror(mastubatress?)--whether this predilliction is by choice or involuntary.BUTTON is a dated euphemism for the female CLITORIS,CLIT that cites similarities of size,shape,and form between these two disparate objects.Maybe the BUTTON GLUTTONs appeared to be buttoning/unbuttoning their skirts in doubletime? Who knows. **NOTE: I can`t take credit for this nifty,almost cute bit of slang as I am submitting it on behalf of a computerless friend.**
"Damn! BeeBee is always horny as fuck! You know she`s the complete button glutton,dude!"

"Donna called me a 'beat off boy' so I used some Cockney Rhyming Slang on her;called her my old" Dame Button Glutton" (rhyme slang fer me mutton,I fink?)"
by HosMan61 October 02, 2011
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