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A white male teen aged to late 20's that dresses like an aspiring rap star, rides around in some 4 cylinder import POS with graphics, tail fin, and exhaust pipe that makes the car sound like a sewing machine. The car has an obnoxious sound system that pumps out the latest rap crap, and rims and tires that usually cost more than what the car is worth. Acts black,talks black, dresses black(sideways hat that is 2 sizes to big with a bandana under it, pants 3 sizes to big so when he walks he has to keep his hands around the belt line so they don't fall down and show his boxers, and rope chains around his neck.

He wonders why he can only get a job flippin burgers at Mickey Dee's or delivering pizza for Dominos cause he's just tryin to keep it real, when really, he looks like the total poser a-hole he really is. Sometimes has very short buzz cut hair and stupid looking facial hair(if the little pussy can actually grow it)
Eminem, Vanilla Ice, etc.

Did you see that butt-punk in the Honda Civic? His parents bought it for him and pay for the insurance, him and his posse think they're bad, let them go down to the hood and see how real it is down there.
by Skell February 11, 2008
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