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The act of rushing backwards with your pants down to an unsuspecting person. Best used when your roomate is in his room attempting to make out with a girl. Get a group of guys together and burst through the door running backwards with everyone's pants dropped down. While charging butt first, proceed by yelling BUTT RUSH! Continue to charge the roomate until he starts yelling out threats that he may actually carry out.
Dude, last night was bogus. I was totally gonna get some until you all butt rushed me! Next time tell Will to wipe his ass atleast! I can't afford to throw away any more t-shirts.
by corey simmons August 30, 2007
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To suddenly receive something that is very unwanted. Metaphorically, to get buttraped by surprise.
My teacher buttrushed me with a bunch of homework on our first day of class.
by DoDaBigFhang October 04, 2011
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The feeling of extreme rectal laxity as a result of smoking any tobacco product. Esp. in a wake and bake situation where user has not taken a shit since at least the day before.
Woah brother, I've got really bad butt rush right about now
by Bird'Ands April 07, 2013
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Happens when anyone bends over for any reason and another person (or group of people) charges at their butt in an attempt to rape said person or otherwise.
John: Oh, look, a penny! *bends over to pick it up*

Gary and Tim: BUTT RUSH!!!!!!!
by Ami-chan August 24, 2010
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