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Any super explosive or extremely nasty and unexpected residue, chunks, smell, or air that is released from your anus. Also used to describe sounds that are similar to the sounds caused by true butt-release,or the act of talking to much, or otherwise "acting like an arse."

First known and most famously usage is by author Twiggums O'Shea aka: Arletta Sloan aka: Randy Lee Stone, who has written Chronicles of Ordine: Book I: Sacred Beggar Boy; Reggie The Evil Milkshake, and Filthy F'ng Daisies. Butt-release is a term, apparently, made up by this author, to be used in a story. However, from a quote by the author in a small town newspaper, the San Manuel Miner, it appears she attributes it to something said by her youngest daughter, which she then incorporated into her own writing. Now used extensively in Alaska, California, and Arizona, where her work has been sold.

No other known instances of its usage currently known.
Quoted from the author's work: Upon hearing the sound of the raspberry being directed toward his back, Chaos, setting down his knitting, eyes blazing with fury, demanded "Servant V? Was that some butt release going on, or do you have a comment to make?"
by Craigetta Ferguson November 26, 2010
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