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A Ciggarette laced with cocaine. Normally the end of a smoke is dipped in the remains of the nights product.
who wanna play Russian Roulette for the butt tokes?
by skr0oface April 04, 2005
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Putting the cherry of a cigarette onto a flat piece of hash and inhaling the smoke that comes off of the cherry, you can also hold a pen tube in your mouth and inhale to make it less harsh. Some people also use a bottle as a funnel and put the cigarette underneath to let the smoke rise into it, it then becomes "Bottle Tokes". Most commonly used in Eastern Canada. (Maratimes) Also known as BT's for butt tokes or bottle tokes.
I just did a bunch of BT;s and now im really stoned!

Dude i got a tiny bit of hash but if we do it in Butt Tokes we'll get extra stoned!
by itsnotrapeifuyellsurprise November 20, 2010
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