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Taking a piss in a urinal that has that pink cake deodorizer caged up in the bottom. You must exert maximum force so as to drill into the cake flaking off as much as possible during the piss session.

It is normal to have a goal in mind such as: I'm going to be first to bust through the cake, or I'm going to make pink lemonade.

Also known as "going to bust cake", "waging war on the cake", and "making the cake pay", and "ruining the birfday cake".
I'm looking forward to bustin' cake, my bladder is so full its making me scule.
by Matt Simmons October 17, 2006
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On going release of large amounts of gas while engaged in physical activity.
In grade school during recess I participated in a pick up game of basketball. During a full court press my buddy Dale detected that someone was Bustin Cakes.
by Max Coleman September 01, 2005
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The act of releasing large amounts of noxious gas.
During a pick up basketball game Dale became aware that someone was bustin cakes while running both ends of the court.

Damn! Someone is bustin cakes! Damn!

by Max Coleman September 01, 2005
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