Bust means "punch" and chops means "mouth", so "to bust someone's chops" literally means to hit them in the mouth, but most of the time it means to give (someone) a hard time.
Don't bust my chops; I'm sick and tired of you calling me names.

by han meng July 15, 2006
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To bust someone's chops (nonliteral meaning) is to say or do something that interferes with someone's line of expertise or leadership in something. Chops = skills or simply a person's line of action, especially at the moment; and busting = to stop something or interfere with something.
You always gotta bust my chops with some stupid remark during the TPS report meetings!
by geoh777 September 23, 2007
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chops refers to the musicians mouth muscles
when playing for extended periods of time, our muscles get weaker to the point where when playing we cannot sound slay
I shouldn’t have practiced so much before concert, I busted my chops!

After playing pomp and circumstance for ten minutes I hardcore busted my chops.
by dibblereedsucker May 30, 2023
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