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A fictional country which is the only seasonal country, as well as this the only country to export R-Milk, discovered and founding colonies established where established my Sir Chuck Norris, and later after the Chuckatorship fell the country became and remains under the strong political and mental views of Christopher Walken I. Businia is located in the area known as the bearing straight waters between Eastern Russia Southern Alaska and , in summer this area is violent waters and rough seas, but throughout winter and autumn the water freezer solid allowing for people Businian's to live there for upto six6 or more months.
The main and only export of Businia is the export of Businian Rat Milk, " Fat Black" advertised directly against the Lite Milk "Lite White"{Australia}. After having incomprehensible progress and failures the export is down to a bear minimum. to increase sales the President Walken has begun selling shares in the country ie a board of chairmans to run the country as it was more cost effective. Due to timing and ineffectiveness of the country visitation is a its minimum: 00.

Businia is also the only country to have absolutely no legal or tax structures in place and has no intention of implementing them.
Mitch: Man, this place is boring!?
Tim: I have an idea, let's go to...

*Cue Tim Punching Luke For Interrupting*
by a goodwin January 31, 2008
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