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When you roll yourself in so many blankets that you become very comfy and fluffy in them like a burrito. Used in cold temperatures and is most enjoyable when binge watching. Also can be used in times of sadness to curl up in and hide because of how fluffy it can be.
Tyler: What are you doing?
Jordan: I was cold so I wrapped myself into a burrito blanket
Tyler: How does it feel?
Jordan: It's very comfy and fluffy and I feel very nice
Tyler: Well I guess you found another way to add 10 pounds to your weight involving burritos
Jordan: Hey, burritos don't make me fat
Tyler: Yes they do, and you managed to find another way to make you fat. Now involving damn burrito blankets
Jordan: *curls inside burrito blanket to hide and cry*
by NightWalker21 July 27, 2019
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