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A world mainly used in London but etymologically of Jamaican descent. It is best defined through example.
Something can be described as a bupse meaning an unfortunate event e.g. One might say "my car broke down- what a bupse" or "its a proper bupse that I have to get up on Saturday morning".
One can bupse something meaning to excel at it e.g. "I bupsed my driving test" would mean that I had passed it with flying colour.
It is also possible to bupse somebody e.g. "I bupsed in Chris in my Cypriot exam" would mean that I did better than Chris.
Verbally, bupse can be both active and passive in voice i.e. it could be said "I was bupsed by this exam" meaning that I did not do very well in it at all.
by Christopher Uvanka Karageorgis November 12, 2004
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