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The result in a long day of swimming in a lake, river or ocean. The bum will be sore from being water logged and chafed by sand and/or rocks. It feels as if your bum is about to literally rot off.
Jim: "Oh dear, I've caught a rather mild case of bumrot."
by Caffeinejunky November 01, 2006
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Bum Rot is any form of disease, illness or ailment which originates or directly affects the Anal region at any point of the ailment.

The term was first coined after Freddie Mercury states in the film Bohemian Rhapsody “I’ve got it boys” to which the response from the original coiners of the term responder “The Bum Rot”
Anonymous: “You try shtanding on a production line for 12 hoursh, with fuckin’ shit falling out of yer arse every 30 minutesh”

Anonymous 2: “You’ve got the literal Bum Rot”
by Dave The Anal Invader April 29, 2019
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