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To put simply the quick tapping of another blokes arse in a non-sexual way, often used as friendship/masculinity building, the bum tap is a common trope in senior rugby normally used to congratulate a successful play, a ploy to encourage one's teammate/ get someone moving or as an introductory action to a conversation.

Successful attempts may be met with such responses as
"Good contact!"
"Solid Hit!"
"How are we boys" -(When introducing oneself)

Attempts may be as hard as the user intends however too soft of a hit may throw the tapper's sexuality into question, or create direly awkward situations.

The Golden Rule however is, Do. Not. Hold. Ever.
No matter what. Nor squeeze.
Bloke 1: "Man Dougan's such a queer kent"
Bloke 2: "Why's that?"
Bloke 1: "On the pitch he gave a bum tap, and held!"
Bloke 2: "The fuck mate, that is not alright"
Bloke 1:"Ay"
by Ayyylien June 07, 2016
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