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The act of seeking out bad players to play against in poker.
"I won 10 buy-ins today bum hunting the HU tables on Full Tilt."
by f_zilla July 31, 2009
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The pastime of beating up the homeless with blunt instruments, thrown projectiles and sometimes paintball guns. Occasionally, the prey will be set on fire. Bum hunting is most commonly done by groups of young men out of boredom.
The posse, having nothing better to do that night, got some baseball bats and went to the park for an evening of bum hunting.
by glommunist March 06, 2006
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The act of beating bums with small, home made arms.
Yo did you see Tom go bum hunting and fuck that bum Larrys' shit up?
by Longinus October 21, 2004
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