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Cartman in ninja form
Cartman: ha ha ha ha now you are a chicken ha ha ha ha
Kyle: goddamn it cartman
by PlayDohMan May 08, 2004
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Eric Cartman's ninja name in the episode of South Park "Good Time With Weapons"
"I am Bulrog, a tough brute ninja who has dedicated his life to eradicate the world of hippies"

Kyle: "Alright guys, hold on...I'll use MY special power to see into the future and see where we should head next"

Cartman: "HOLD ON GUYS! I actually have another special power to, I can see into the future too but better than Kyle"

Kyle:"Goddammit Cartman! you can't keep making up powers!"

Cartman: " Bulrog, and I have lots and lots of powers."
by BrumBrum43 March 14, 2011
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