bullz or bulls is anoda word 4 used 4 chattin shit or rubbish example:

"Oi safe i saw 50 cent yeterday",
"he'z chattin bullz"
"oh skeen"
by y.fly April 7, 2006
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Da Bullz is something greatly benificial which has happened to the person in question.

It can also be used to describe something or someone which is at the height of fashion or coolness.
"I screwed her 4 times, that is Da Bullz !"

"Joe is awesome, hes Da Bullz !"
by Da_Bullz May 27, 2006
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A more fun way to say cock and balls. Put the emphasis on the A in cack and the U and Z in bullz. The best thing about this is you can say it under your breath in lieu of cock and balls and people don't usually understand what you really mean.
Example 1: Darren is giving her his CACK AND BULLZ!

Example 2: Tripp "Joe did you study for our math test today?"
Joe "No man, I am going to take the cack and bullz!"
by Gen Snafu December 4, 2010
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