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a complete ranting that everyone knows is a line of crap or talking in circles when asked a direct question. e.g. nonsense stuff said supervisors in staff meetings. or politicians who are trying to excuse there behavior and so on.
BS: "Our staffing is down 2.37 employees we need to hire more staff" which preceded "This Overtime you have been getting has to stop now it is unauthorized."

you're listening to this whole bullshit-a-thon thinking to yourself....Hmm fuzzy math... how can you NOT pay me my hard earned overtime but you can AFFORD to hire 2.37 persons...what the hell is .37 person... if we are short 2.37 folks and we break our necks to do it and get no overtime, no one will hired.... this is the dumbest bullshit I think I have ever heard! --then you tune back in for more words of wisdom.
by fearTheTurtle September 14, 2013
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