Prison rapist who preys on "fish" (new prisoners) and other, weaker male inmates. The bull fruit does not regard himself as homosexual, rather, as a sort of leader figure who engages in sex with other men only because women are unavailable to him, or as a display of power. Certinly the bull fruit limits his sexual encounters to only those of his choosing, and is always the "driving force" in the sexual exchange.
He was only in prison for 3 days before a bull fruit tore out his ass in the shower.
by David Been There Done That September 08, 2006
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When I saw Matthew coming out of Troopers, the gay bar, draging an effete young thing on Friday, and then saw him hustling Melisa on Saturday night, pinning her in between the pinball machines, I knew the rumours of Matthew being a bull fruit, willing to screw anything, where true
by bullet88 July 18, 2009
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1. Gay alpha male bent on physical, emotional, and mental domination of others
"Dr. Thompson denied the charges, as always, and used the occasion of Ginsberg's death to denounce him as a dangerous bull-fruit with the brain of an open sore and the conscience of a virus."
by Horus Perineum, PhD September 16, 2003
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