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An expression used to convey acknowledgement, happiness, discontent, elation, and pretty much everything else.

It is occasionally re-echoed several times based on the magnitude of the emotion that one is experiencing.
Example a)

Person 1 : Hey, I will be there in sometime.
Person 2 : Quick! Me Bored! Bujibuji

Example b)

Person 1 : Oh! Look at the moon!
Person 2 : Woohoo! It looks so pretty! Bujibuji!

Example c)

Person 1 : You are so far away.
Person 2 : Enemies!!!!! Holy Shit!!!! Bujibujibujibujibujibuji!!

Example d)

Person 1 : I'll tell you everything when the time is right.
Person 2 : Bujibuji! Okay, Senpai.
by July 23, 2019
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