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(n.) (Ba-zE-bus) An exclamation of extreme surprise, or extreme anger!

2. (adj.) A term referring to the quality of unpredictability

3. (adv.) To do something unpredictable, or for no reason.

4. (v.) To surprise, bewilder, shock, awe, inspire, sneak-attack, hug, amuse, incite, depress, care for, defend, think, write, do Chemistry, Bio, or engineering.
1. Buhzeebus! It's freezing outside in Texas!

2. The buhzeebus fight ended as quickly as it started!

3. I ran buhzeebusly in a zigzag fashion across campus, backpack bouncing up and down on my back.

4. I buhzeebused all of last night. I am tired!
by jayhawk490 December 09, 2009
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