The person at a medical marijuana "dispensary," or "clinic," who tends to the patients' medicinal needs. He/she works with you and helps you decide what will be the ideal medicine for you to purchase, and in what quantity.

These are also some of the luckiest motherfuckers on the face of the earth. Despite that, you should still tip them as heavily as you can possibly afford to.
"The budtenders here are so helpful and friendly!" "That budtender is really hot. I think I'm gonna blow him and see if I can get any free medicine out of it...
by 420_J July 5, 2011
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The job of working with customers at a marijuana dispensary because it was the only job you were qualified for after being fired from the Apple Genius Bar.
The budtender was able to answer all my questions about over-priced marijuana that comes in a new strain every 6 months and costs 20% more with no discernible difference on consumption.
by DodgerCol November 24, 2020
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A Barista that can't pass a drug test.

Someone that works at a medical marijuana store selling buds
"He's too retarded to get a job, so he works as a Budtender"
by OC Stoner April 7, 2010
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