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A clear view of a womans vagina(her bucket), whether clothed or not, you may or may not be able to see her Moose Knuckle (Can.)or Camel Toe(U.S.) you have a ยก^full bucket shot^^.
As a woman bends over, you might ogle and say, ooo nice bucket shot. Or if you are enjoying your favourite porn pic, and the corresponding pubic grooming pattern, you are enjoying your favourite bucket shot
by Big Daddy Siki March 23, 2005
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(buhk-it-shot) - Filling of the anal cavity via another mans fist/s; may include variation between both fist/s or feet/s. Circumstantially, may include insertion of fury rodent and or fowl into anal canal.

Bucket-shot is most commonly practiced amongst the populus of Red Deer, Edmonton, and Lethbridge. These three cities form what is commonly known as the Alberta Triangle.
Jerry took a hot bucket-shot infront of an audience last night.

Who is up for a good game of bucket-shots?

Good lord my anus is swollen. Must be from the loosening effect of the prior days game of bucket-shots.

Wow! that goose sure has a long neck!
by Hector D Haxor & Eddie L. February 24, 2008
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