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"Bubkus" is a variation of "Bubkes" (also spelled "Bupkis"), of Yiddish origin.

It means "nothing at all", as in:
1) He was going to write a script by today, but all he has is bupkus. 2) He's worth bupkus. 3) He folded his cards, they were pure bubkus.
by ultimate1 December 06, 2007
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Kind of like saying “that’s trash” or “that’s stupid” You might year your Yiddish grandma yelling “Bubkus” at the tv or at her ex husband. Very useful and honestly funny word, I recommend to use it in every sentence you can.
“Did you hear Justin beiber and Kylie Jenner are dating?!”

“Man that’s fake news that’s absolute Bubkus”
by Ppcacaoohlala August 18, 2019
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