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1. Boot (or bump) to the head-- An unexpected hit to someone's dignity when they say something incredibly stupid in a debate and are smacked off their pillar left speechless. Usually ends the debate. For some reason it is also occasionally being used as a term for hanging out, much like the term "kick it."
Man: I need $2.25 in quarters out of this $5 bill.
Cashier: So you need $3 in quarters?
Man: No, I said $2.25 out of this $5.
Cashier: But sir, how do I give you $2.25 in quarters without giving you change equalling $3 in quarters?
Man: ...I just got btth.
Cashier: Save the acronyms for chat rooms, nerd.
Man: LOL
Cashier: GET OUT.
by Doug Young November 12, 2006
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