An asian who fails at being asian. e.g. An asian who gets Bs in school.
Asian guy: my parents are going to kill me, I got a B
Other guy: don't worry, just tell them you're bsian, not asian
by mggwdr August 6, 2011
An Asian who receives B's in school.
"Hey, did you see what grade Jung-Lee got in AP US History today?"
"Yeah man! She got a B on her test!"
"I know I was so surprised!"
"Its because she's a Bsian"
"Ohh that's too bad."
by rachelkbk September 22, 2011
A yellow creature that normally excels in school, but has got bad grades, which is a B, and his parents must whip him
Yellow creature 1: Son! How could you be a Bsian? *grabs out whip*

Bsian 1:Dad! Please no!
by Sneaky snek December 2, 2016