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Bruvski is a definitive alias used to address an acquaintance or comrade.
It it also a compound acronym of the short-hand term for 'Brother' ie. 'Bruv', and adding the sounding word 'Ski' to the end of a word ie. 'Brewski' as in beer, or 'Eski' as in Eskimo style ie. "Icey blad."
"Yo bruvski, what you sayin' blad??"

"Wheres the skunk bruvski??"

"Bruvski, make the ting! High juice is the boom shaka brrrraaaaaaap!"

"You just got BUN up on Pro bedron."
by Kai L. MackQue October 08, 2007
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A person who would be considered a looser, retard or dick head. Also a Bruvski could be an intoxicated or poorly dressed person.

When in a group or flock, they are known as Bruvskis.

Bruvskis should never be socialized with under any circumstances as their condition can be contagious. In extreme incidences of contracting Bruvski you might immediately urinate yourself and several teeth will fall out. If you notice these symptoms please proceed to your closest short pier and take a long walk off of it. This has been known to cure Bruvskis in some circumstances.

"look at that bruvski" when looking at someone who is talking to a tree and soaked in urine.

When you are in a bar and you run into that guy at school who ate the paste. You would greet him with "Bruvskiiii" and everyone would know that this person was breast fed until at high school.

Someone wearing a tracksuit/sweats, beaten up footwear and with no front teeth, trying to enter a club would be considered a Bruvski.
by TheBaldOne May 29, 2013
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