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Brush My Balls (verb) - 1) To convince somebody of something that isn’t true; 2) To exxagerate in order to be more convincing; 3) To lie to someone in order to spare their feelings, 4) To literally brush the hairs on a man’s genitalia for the purposes of either eliciting pleasure or grooming an otherwise unkempt ball sack back into a uniform condition so that you can then power suck his nuts without getting too many hairs in your mouth, though you’re bound to get some if they’re not shorn in the first place.

See also: Brushing my balls; Brush your balls; Brushing your balls; Swamp ass grooming, Nut hair shaping, feather dusting, venereal rub, moose massage, taint cleanse, sub power scrub, submarine trim, lie, exxagerate, pull my leg, yank my wad, titty fuck my mind
You: “That’s a really good idea.”
Me: “stop brushing my balls bitch”

Her: “I really like your jokes
Me: “shut up and start brushing my balls bitch”

Him: Do you want to brush my balls?
Me: No, I want to tell the truth ...(fag)
by Ken1plus2 May 25, 2018
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