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If you are a Brunna you are a BEAUTIFUL GIRL, and you try to make everyone happy even if you don’t really know them or like them. If you are a Brunna you have brown hair and you might my Italian or Brazilian. You are so pretty and you have a big butt and smile!
Guy 1: “crying

Brunna: What wrong?
Guy 1: nothing

Brunna: No man what happened
Guy 1: fine, My gf brokeup with me

Brunna: don’t worry she doesn’t desserve you and you’ll forget about it in weeks!
Guy 1: Thanks!
Brunna: No prob, and don’t forget to put a smile on that face! “Walks away”
by Doctor Doll March 13, 2018
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Brunna is one of the realist people out there. If you throw shit at her she will throw it right back. She is really pretty and almost all the boys like her in school. She's loyal to her friends and will always make sure they're okay. Brunna is a Brazilian, amazing girl. You would be extremely lucky to have a Brunna in your life !
Brunna: you okay
by Doctor Doll May 14, 2019
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