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brown⋅smith  {broun-smith}

1. a person who makes costume, props, accessories, furniture, etc from cardboard.
2. a person who crafts objects of cardboard.

-may use hot glue or duct tape to engineer their creation.


July 16,2009; Livingston, NJ
Can you believe that Optimus Prime costume is made from cardboard, whoever is inside must be a great brownsmith.
by OUTATIME1290 July 17, 2009
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The profession of harvesting gay. The history of this trade is unknown apart from the goal which has been established as "being gay and bringing down society". It is believed that one individual has still inherited this trade (around the potters bar area) and is infecting other people "28 days later zombie" style. Individuals infected by this disease will only have 28 days to kill themselves or else they too will become a brownsmith
Aghhh ive been infected by the brownsmith! Kill me now! please! KILL ME NOW AGHHHHH!
by Goontard April 16, 2007
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