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A script kiddie or other individual who attempts to portray themselves as being knowledgeable in the area of computer security while having no such knowledge.

The term is generally used to ridicule those who meet this definition without their knowledge, in this case it is generally implied that the word is analogous to blackhat or whitehat. In reality it is meant to imply that the individual has "shit for brains".
<4w50m3r> u no I hav h4x3d paypal like 8 times.
<Sarcastron> Wow, that's awesome, you're totally brownhat.
<4w50m3r> u here that? im brownhat!
by Random_User... June 22, 2008
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Derived from hacker jargon White Hat, Black Hat A startlingly incompetent wannabe hacker with malicious intent. Fortunately for the world, his overuse of l33tspeak and Markov-generated technobabble render his malevolence simply amusing.

"heh. This brownhat says he's gonna send a 'multimuscular ILOVEYOU tcpip" virus to"
by tehpookleblinky June 22, 2008
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when you fart and there happens to be someone's head right by your ass either bending over to tie a shoe, etc, or an unfortunate child walking by....
i was doing the dishes and let one rip just as my son walked by, gave the poor kid a brown hat...
by cosmic charlie January 28, 2009
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The result when performing anal sex when reciprient needs to evacuate his/her colon.
I was pumping away and when I finished I realised I had a brown hat.
by dunno August 20, 2003
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