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When a man reaches the pinnacle of his existence, he may find himself to be terribly mediocre, boring and utterly average. These people are quite depressing. They survive on convincing themselves that they are important, strolling through life confused as a rat in a maze, and if they are lucky are granted a moment of wonder, asking themselves the question, "why they even bother". Broussau's can be found in your computer science department, your geography department, or your local Tim Hortin's in Canada. If you encounter a Broussau, do not look them in the eyes or you may be sucked in the vacuous emptiness of an average, soulless avatar.
Hey man, what are you doing tonight?

I don't know, what should I be doing?

Let's ask Broussau.

Easy bro, easy bro!
by remasterson March 14, 2010
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