one of the craziest sickest rappers alive. known for his cannibalism. also was once sewed for recording himself eating human body parts. but at the same time...hella dope ass rapper.
"dayyymmnnn those brains look helllla gooodd!!!!" - Brotha Lynch Hung
by Sean And Tamim June 6, 2006
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A Sacramento rapper, famous for his extremely violent lyrics which mostly feature Cannibalism, in addition to well-made beats. His most famous album is "Season of Da Siccness".
"Nigga, WHAT? You ain't even seen my in my prime; eating baby brains, baby brains, and baby spines...."-Brotha Lynch Hung
by Cam6092 June 17, 2008
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Horrorcore rapper who's lyrics often include lots of cannibalism and gory Storytelling
Brotha lynch hung is a badass
by STL446 June 21, 2023
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