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Acceptable behavior according to the Bro Code.
Dude 1: Bros before hos.
Dude 2: That's brosher.

Dude 1: Can I go out with your ex?
Dude 2: That's totally not brosher.
by middle-man98 April 09, 2010
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What is acceptable for a bro to eat. Usually judged by a council of bros. The council of bros consists of 5 bros which determine which foods are considered brosher or nonbrosher. Drinks can also be judged if brosher and nonbrosher.
Wings, hot dogs, corn dogs, and hamburgers etc. are usually considered at the top of the brosher list with strawberry salads and cilantro-lime tilapia tacos near the bottom of what's brosher.
Dude 1: Just ate a pink frosted strawberry short cake.
Dude 2: bro, that's not brosher
by Greene1 September 03, 2014
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When a person is kind enough to always bring an unfinished meal to a needy friend. Usually bros do this for eachother.
Waiter: "Would you like me to bag this?"
Man: "Yes please, my friend would love this!"
Waiter "You must be brosher!"
by Roscoe Steiner January 23, 2012
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