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A bro with such an epic love for Xbox 360s, Keystone Lights, Dane Cook, and just, y'know, keepin' it real that the amount of broticity in his brostream has endowed him with a supernatural degree of unfettered power--thus turning him into a God.

Not to be confused with Brosef Stalin, which although respectable, is considered a lesser rank than the Broseidon.
Yea, you will fear me, for you will soon know my awesome power. I am Broseidon, Lord of all the Brocean.
by Butterknife April 11, 2008
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Meaning the massive compilation of tool-like qualities leading to the over establishment of one's own bro-ness. These men are lord of all brosephs. A god in some circles of jersey shore wanna be's.

Noticed as the alpha male in a pack of brosephs. Can be used as a greeting, derogatory term, or as a compliment depending on the situation.
Phillip: wow, you see that enormous mob of tools?

Damon: yeah, it's obvious that the one with the wifebeater and hair gel is the Broseidon of the group.
by ParalyzedGary April 16, 2010
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