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1. the act of engaging in conversation to gain a better knowledge of someone where one person speaks honestly and the other listens tentatively.
2. the act of groping or malesting
3. the act of having sexual intercourse
4. the act of being utterly screwed
5. the act of making fun of a person
6. "holy shit!"
1. I was broom frooping this chick at the bar so i could get in her pants.
2. She broom frooped my groin under the table with her foot.
3. I was going to take her back to my place and broom froop the heck out of her.
4. When I turned around and saw my wife I knew i was broom frooped.
5. I always broom froop my brother for listening to faith hill.
by Haz's corrupted youth October 24, 2005
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