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Bromieomie is a word wich definds the name of the Dolan Twins. If you're a fan of the Dolans you in fact are a bromieomie.
In third grade I thought I was the one but then I realised I had an identical bromieomie.
by etgrdolan June 25, 2016
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The name the Dolan Twins fans are given. Being a bromieomie is more than just being a fan, it's a lifestyle. If you live for the Dolans you are a BROMIEOMIE ma bitch.
Dude who are all these girls fangirling on?
-On the mfuckin Dolan twins bro!
So they are bromieomies?
-Hell yeah dude, ya better watch out.
by Asia Like The Continent April 17, 2017
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A bromieomie is a person that sticks with another bromieomie or other people. Really social and loving. Someone who loves Tuesdays and the dolan twins and will support them no matter what. Doesn't matter if they were here from beginning it matters if you're there till the end. Being a BromieOmie means that you understand what other people go through before jumping to conclusion. Being a BromieOmie means to have eternal love for the twins no matter what.
I'm a BromieOmie💜
by Kayla💜 October 09, 2017
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Dolan twin fans who think they will marry them and get mad when Grayson or Ethan touch another girl. Bromieomies will yell at you if your only in one twin’s lane and are between the age of 9 and 12. Don’t be a bromieomie.
“Oh my god no, Ethan is MINE!”-bromieomie
“You cant just like ONE of the twins u have to love them both equally”-bromieomie
“If that bromieomie doesn’t get away from me i’m going to punch her in the throat”-Dolan twin stan
by ksjdoc May 07, 2018
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A Dolan twin stan that thinks they are going to marry one of the Dolans.
Get frustrated very easily, example: when Ethan or Grayson talk to girls, they get extremely jealous and hate on various social media platforms. Normally the age range is 10 ~ 13.
“did you see Grayson’s insta post? HES WITH A GIRL! Omg THEY’RE DATING” ~ bromieomie
“Someone tell this bromieomie to leave before I punch it I n the face” ~ Dolan Stan
by StanWords July 07, 2018
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Some one who is a fan of the Dolan Twins and can sometimes be obsessive, but in the end, they are super kind, loyal, and trustworthy. No one cares how long you are there, all that matters is you will be there until the end.
Grace: Bromieomies are amazing
Emma: Yeah! I love bromieomies, but sometimes they are crazy.
by xxxgracexxx June 05, 2019
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9 year old fans of the Dolan twins who like to start drama on social media.
The bromieomie is not cool to say anymore and others fans now hate it.
by Damndolxn February 07, 2018
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