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The driving force among a group of friends (bros) during a night of partying. As more "bros" decide to party, the group gains bromentum.
"Dude, everybody's leaving the party! We're losing bromentum!"
by ZagBro December 01, 2007
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a form of momentum created solely by a solid number of your tighest bros. this cannot be maintained unless an equally solid level of quality tail is achieved while the night is still young.

ugly chicks or a general lack of cooter are often detremental toward bromentum.
"We had such good bromentum going into the night...too bad Todd had to kill it by inviting that group of swamp donkeys"
by The Bodmaster March 04, 2009
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The momentum that presidential hopeful Barack Obama is currently experiencing via his recent victories in several Democratic primary elections.

Hey, wopofo, Obama sure has gained a lot of bromentum with his victories in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. ---Stacy999
by Stacy999 February 13, 2008
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Bromentum: the feeling of happyness almost like a second wind that you get when your with your bros.
I need some bromentum to help me rally after that puke.
by Tomcat Scoops August 20, 2010
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