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Love,a word most overused in the naive world. It's something that makes you overwhelmed with joy and happiness, that your so comfratable that your able to talk about scars in your past. Love is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE. It's more important than sex. Sex doesn't matter compared to love. What is sex but a dance or an expression of love. Love makes you show who you really are. It burns the fakeness out of you. With love, the other person can either end up the best thing to happen in your life or the worst..

What is love when its gone though but cruel, unrelenting waves of tears and emotional dispair. You know theres no way to have her back but you still have hope. You know you still care but pretend like you don't just to prevent from breaking down but end up convincing yourself that you don't just to buy some time before you start thinking about her again.

Broken love can turn your life into a confusing spiral that has a visual picture of fear and anxiety spinng in reapitative patterns. You feel empty inside, knowing theres never going to be someone else. And it kills you inside that the other person ignores your existence and acts normal as if you don't deserve sympothy or acknowlegdence.

But you do. You work hard for what you have and you deserve better than them. You give the most and recieve the least. You first one to arrive and the last one to leave. You gave them all and apparantly it wasn't good enough. You earn what you have and you know what you want, so go out there and get it.

If things don't work out, still be your trueself and tell them how you feel, don't be afraid to let it out. Don't lose yourself and be lost in her maze of eyes. You can do it, you can win her back or move on..Broken love can turn you into many things. Personally it turned me into a power hungry animal cause i'll know i'll never be truely happy. Don't let broken love take you over.

Just remember to look deep inside your heart and soul and ask yourself, "do I?"


Girl-Is there something wrong?..

Guy-I don't want to talk about it,, (thinking about how you broken love in me)..

Girl-Oh..(and stops talking to you)
by brokenlovevictim April 05, 2009
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