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The socal defenition of a broho is a chick that sleeps with bros. (Bro being typically a person who likes to go to the desert and go offroading in a truck, dunebuggy, or on a dirtbike, quad, etc.) Brohos go for the guys that not only have beer but weed. SRH, skin, DC, Dickies, and other similar brands are common in this crowd.
Kim is such a broho! She slept with Jeremy, Ryan, Adam, Mark, Mike, Sam, Josh, Anthony, and Brian. They are all friends and have no problem with it! ugh, sooo gross (I borrowed this, it was a good example)
by RandomdudefromsocalSD May 14, 2006
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The female equivalent of a bro. Although native to the west coast, bro hoes can be found at almost any state school campus in the greater United States.

bro ho criteria:

-peroxide damaged hair
-orange skin
-lower back tattoo (often depicting a butterfly or hibiscus flowers)
-thinks UGGs go with everything
-wears skater and surf apparel but participates in neither activity
-wears velour track suits anywhere and anytime, including movie/dinner dates and church
-has a beer gut and wears jeans that are two sizes too small (see: muffin top).
-thinks spring break in Cancun qualifies 'well-traveled'
-has a naval piercing or naval piercing scar
-dates a guy who drives a lifted truck/SUV OR drives her own lifted truck/SUV
-butt crack and thong are always visible

+ 100 bro ho points if she listens to Linkin Park, Hoobastank, or any rap-rock fusion.

+ 1,000 bro ho points if she considers Britney Spears or Jenna Jameson a personal inspiration.

"Check out that bro ho in the Von Dutch hat -- her thong is hella cutting her lower back tattoo."
by carrot-flowers April 16, 2006
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A girl version of a Bro. Loves Lifted Trucks. Wears clothes like Metal Mulisha, SRH, Hustler, and etc. There hair is usually more than one color. Most likely has a bandana in there hair. Shops at No Fear, Outhouse, Tillys. Listens to Rock/Rap type of music. Usually has a naval peircing. Usually Lives in So Cal.
Emily is such a broho. She always wears SRH and I see her shopping at No Fear a lot.
by kaitlloves August 28, 2007
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a girl between the age of fourteen and tewent. her hair color either being blond, or half blond (on top section on hair) and half black (on bottom section. too much mascara is worn and eyelashes look like hairy spider leggs. they enjoy applying their makeup on in an excessive fashion one of the more popular items of makeup used by bro hos is bronzer, bronzer is a golden powder used on the face to enhance color, bro ho's apply so much bronzer their faces look more of an orange color. the rest of their skin is an orange color as well, this is from excessive indoor tanning (a.k.a.:fake'n'bake)and also spray-on tanning methods. Bro ho's are commonley found wearing "trucker hats" (hats that have been made by surf companies that resembel the style of hat most truckers wear, but have been fashoned by the companies and sold extreamly overpriced to bros and bro ho's alike. they do not carry purses but instead carry mini backpacks. each of their ten fingers has some sort of ring on it, either being over-sized or over-priced. They like to wear oversized sweatpants with the elastics at the ankels cut off. most shoes owned by bro ho's are some kind of platform shoe (variations of three to six inches tall). instead of wearing a necklace bro ho's cut a piece of black ribbon and tie it around their necks like a choker. bro ho's drive lifted full size trucks that have custom rims and oversized tires all paid for by their fathers that spoil them to a fault. commonly use words such as: like, "oh my god", totally, "for sures", dude, bro,
duuuuuuuuuuuude jays takin that slutty ass bro ho with us to mike's party only cuz shes gunna get drunk as fuck and hes gunna get to hit that shit.
by .:Ally Kelly:. December 06, 2004
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A teenage girl who is extremely obsessed with bronzer, lifted trucks, the desert, dirt bikes and quads, the hot guy they saw in Tilly's or Hanger 94 and calling themselves bro ho's
They are normally the life of the party and enjoy being slutty, such showing a leopard print thong
Obssesed with taking pics of themselves and their other bro friends
Also - the female variation of a Bro
Jane: OMG! i just saw a guy with a So-Cal shirt on...and he totally freakin lives in like San Jose, Ca...wat a poser..however his lifted F350 is pretty hotttt!
Destiny: Dude! U r such a freaking bro ho!
by IrishCoffee'nCream July 22, 2006
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Girls that screw only 'bros'. Real bro hoes acutally ride dirtbikes with the krew they kick it with. They have many river trips && desert trips. Their hair is usally either blonde && black streaked or half blonde ((on the top)) && black ((on the bottom)) usally have piercings of some kind && or tattoos. Into animal prints && bandannas. They rock brands like SRH, Metal Mulisha, Mob inc. or Famous Stars && straps...They DO NOTTT like black people usally...there into white pride && stand firmaly behind it.They also live in the 909, 951, 562 or 714 area code .aka. SoCal
Bro-ho...Bros & bro hoes...bro hoe...bro...all different types of sayings
by Dawn_MaRie June 24, 2006
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