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When a non-bro starts to act like a bro, usually caused by a non-bro hanging out with bros to much.
Possibly you. If you are coming down with any brochitis symptoms stop hanging out with bros. Immediately.
by Greg Yndestad September 17, 2008
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(bro-kahy-tis) - noun. 1) A new strain of bronchitis exclusively found in bros. The only reported cases of this illness were in two college students in Vermont. It is commonly believed that they contracted the disease through bitches and hoes, though this is unconfirmed.
Bro 1: Dude! Why didn't {bro's name} come to the rager last night?!
Bro 2: He has an awful case of brochitis
by abags March 05, 2011
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The medical term for when a bro hangs out with his bros too much, loses his sanity, and doesn't know who he is anymore.
The bro only wanted a house party for one night, since they wouldn't leave he now has Brochitis.
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by FryBanshee October 22, 2019
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